Having identified initiatives that would be important to our signatories, we considered the comparative advantages that the PRI and our signatories could bring, to determine whether we are best placed to act:

  • Our signatory base is a coalition of asset owners, investment managers and service providers from around the world, in one body. Our investor signatories represent a majority of the world’s professionally managed assets.
  • We have substantial intellectual capacity, amongst our signatories and our own staff.
  • We have a unique convening power to bring together investors, companies, governments and academics. We have strong links with the UN through our two founding partners: UN Global Compact and UNEP Finance Initiative (UNEP FI).

In deciding which initiatives should be part of our 10-year vision, we asked: Would the initiative address an issue of importance to our signatories?

To mark the PRI’s 10-year anniversary in 2016, we undertook a series of initiatives to review progress so far and to create an ambitious and achievable vision for how the PRI and the wider responsible investment community should progress over the next 10 years. This included global signatory and stakeholder surveys, an independent impact evaluation and major signatory consultations.

These activities culminated in the launch of this blueprint in 2017, setting the direction of our work for the 10 years ahead.

We are committed to continuing to consult with signatories on the three-year strategies and annual work programmes that will underpin this vision. We will be disciplined, systematic and intensely focused on our Mission in deciding everything we do. We will ensure without exception that our activities bring value to signatories.

Genesis, assumptions and process

This supplement explains the genesis of the blueprint project, the assumptions we’ve based our thinking on and the process we went through to reach the agenda that A blueprint for responsible investment sets out.

The PRI cannot solve the challenges the world faces – success relies on enabling our signatories to act.

The Blueprint

Through an ambitious agenda for the next 10 years, we plan to tackle some of the most pressing ESG issues in the world today, from climate change to challenging the barriers around a more sustainable financial system.

Our Blueprint will shape the future of responsible investment for the next decade and beyond. Through nine priority areas outlined in the Blueprint, we will encourage its signatories to become more active owners, to inspire leadership, and support sustainable investment strategies, leading to prosperous and inclusive societies for future generations.

We look forward to the day when all investment will be responsible.

An independent evaluation of the PRI’s impact over its first decade made the following recommendations for the future:










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